Who Is My Daddy?

Dear Dad;
I decided to write a nice email that describes you. From the bottom of my pits that you say is a heart ūüėČ
Dad you are the greatest. You are always there for me.
From times like when I am in trouble and times when I am sad.
You are ALWAYS there to cool me off and wipe away my tears.
You are always getting me out of trouble.
You are very motivational and very giving and I love that about you!
You are always there to make me smile and always there to calm me down if need be.
Every day I see you it is like finding a new piece of gold.
You are my sunshine! ūüôā
You make everyone around you happy an joyful!
You are also caring and you have a soft heart.
You are always watching out for the family an I love that about you!
You are funny and helpful.
as quoted in A Letter To My¬†Mommy “To express in words everything that you are to me would be like trying to fill the world with ¬†one grain of sand at a time, but I‚Äôm going to try.¬†“.
You brighten my day by giving a simple smile and laugh.
I promise you that I will always be proud to call you Daddy.
And proud to tell everybody who my Daddy is.;)
My Dad is strong.My Dad is mighty.My Dad is forgiving.My Dad is selfless.My Dad is joyful and peaceful.My Dad is my superhero.
My Dad is calm and motivational.My Dad is optimistic .My Dad is supportive.My Dad is smart.My Dad is loving.My Dad is innovative.My Dad is LOVED!
Daddy you deserve more than anyone can ever give you or promise you.You are my  super Daddy!

Love Debbie


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